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Nottingham and Derby Couriers

Nottingham and Derby Couriers are able to offer a service  we have been trialing over the last few years.

When a business has to close down either due to relocation or unforseen circumstances sometimes there is the headache of removing and disposing of redundant or waste equipment.

This process can be costly as the building may need returning to the same condition it was in at the start of a lease or simply needs to be presentable to be sold.

The team at Nottingham and Derby Couriers have taken on such contracts in the past and have negated most of the associated costs as we have either sold on redundant equipment and  recycled the waste.

Such items we have dealt with include office Furniture , Redundant machines and general waste.

We Possess a waste carrier  licence for this purpose and issue waste transfer Document.

Trent Fm Nottingham

In the past we completely cleared all floors at Trent Fm in Nottingham which included Office furniture, Filing Cabinets, Desks, Chairs & decades of associated debris.

This was a large project and when completed all rooms on all floors were left empty and swept.

We enjoyed this project because of the history of the station and we have  a selection of photographs taken during the clearance.

S Perrons Ltd Long Eaton

This was a sad project as the business had completely closed down with job losses.

We were tasked to remove and dispose of Elastic spinning machines which were dismantled and recycled 100%.

All the engineering shop machinery including lathes, industial parts washing machines and office furniture were re sold and the client after cost negation still had a return.

The premises were cleared and left empty and swept.

If you have a requirement for this type of service then please call 0115 9464166 to arrange an appointment to see how we can help you.